Decision Management

Over the past few years, collaboration has become the hottest buzzword in the industry.  On Google, collaboration gets five times as many hits as “Business Intelligence” even eight times the hits of “data processing”.  An ever increasing number of things in business today are being hyped as either collaborative or social.  For example, American Express recently was a credit card, but it has now redefined itself as a “Social Currency”.  Whether or not this is transformational or cosmetic has yet to be seen.


There are those that argue that collaboration is central to rebooting existing economies and others that argue it is a time consuming black hole of mindless banter.  So is greater collaboration a fad or a necessity in today’s business environment? Turns out depending on implementation choices and approaches, either may end up being true.  Collaboration can dramatically change your organization to be more competitive or end up as an unproductive distraction.

This paper will examine the factors that make collaborative efforts successful and those that don’t.  It will also outline the next big things we should expect in making collaborative more productive and useful.

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